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Technology Services Channel Regional Director, Cyrus Pestonji of the HP Enterprise Group for Asia Pacific and Japan has confirmed to QUESTECH again the HP ServiceOne Specialist Partnership level for Fiscal Year 2013. Since its appointment as ServiceOne Specialist Partner in 2011, QUESTECH consistently exhibited the highest level of commitment and competence in providing relevant and responsive solutions as well as services which are primarily focused on helping customers build and maintain their enterprise systems.

Being a HP ServiceOne Specialist Partner, however, was not without any challenge. QUESTECH simply did not just offer HP ServiceOne branded service (a highly valuable offering), it was how they market the benefits not as a value-added service but an essential condition that clients must utilize in order to improve their businesses. This attitude to HP’s comprehensive products and services did not only lead to the strong growth and relationship with HP but to QUESTECH’s ever growing installed based who are themselves industry leaders.

QUESTECH will continue to stay committed to partnering with HP and living up to their
commitment of service par excellence to its customers in the country, realizing that the HP ServiceOne brand an advantage in its very aggressive quest to widen market reach and an edge as well over its competitor.


Posted on Thursday, 11 April 2013 at 1:57 pm
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