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HP Storage Division

Here at QUESTECH, we have a wide array of HP storage solutions that are designed to exactly meet your requirements. So whether you want storage that will survive a calamity, or one that enables you to restore your data quickly, we have the solution that you need. Our HP Storage Division solutions are as follows:

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HP Disk Storage System

HP provides a complete portfolio of arrays starting with HP P2000 G3 MSA arrays that is suitable for Windows and Linux environment and has a SAS, FC, iSCSI and COMBO connectivity options.

Next is the “NEW” HP StoreVirtual Storage that is intended for iSCSI environment. This scalable, virtualized and highly available array also comes standard with software like snapshots, cloning and remote replication.

Another member of HP’s online array family is the HP P6000 EVA, formerly known as Enterprise Virtual Array. Through its advanced virtualization technology, array deployment becomes very easy. And with this technology your array will now be highly efficient because it eliminates what we call “stranded capacities”.

Then there’s the HP P9500 Storage. The HP XP Storage is bulletproof for mission-critical converged infrastructure where constant access to data is required—even at the event of a disaster. Designed for organizations that simply cannot afford any downtime, P9500 combines a high-performance, on-line, scalable, and fully redundant hardware platform with unique data replication capabilities integrated with clustering solutions for complete business continuity.

The P9500 can also adapt to changing business conditions in minutes instead of months, and protect storage investments while increasing data center capacity and lifespan.

Finally, the newest online storage array offering of HP is the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. This utility storage array is the first storage vendor to incorporate thin capabilities into array hardware. The main benefit of this feature is that you are able to cut your existing storage capacity by half.

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HP NAS Systems

HP StoreEasy is very unique since it’s built on HP ProLiant DNA and Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012. Support for application storage with Microsoft Hyper-V and SQL Server over SMB, and improved file storage with SMB 3.0 and NFSv4.1 protocols. Data deduplication based on data chunks providing an average 50-60% space savings. Improved file system self healing, file system online analysis, and greatly reduced downtime due to file corruption needing correction. Policy-driven backup to cloud with optional HP Autonomy LiveVault.

HP StoreAll Storage is hyperscale, harnessed, instant, economic storage for today’s and tomorrow’s datacenter. Scale massively without complexity to billions of files and objects, 16 petabytes, and 1024 nodes in a single namespace with centralized management. Bring structure to unstructured data with custom metadata attributes, data retention policies, and autonomic protection for data durability.

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Disk and Tape Based Backup Systems

Tape based backup enables you to backup your data to tape and at the same time bring it your remote site. However, if you want a faster single file restore of your data, then a disk-based backup solution is suitable for you.

HP StoreOnce Backup systems reduce the amount of backup data you need to store by up to 95%, with our scale-out architecture you can pay as you grow to retain up to 10 petabytes of data in a single pool. They provide automated backup and DR operations with all the features you’d expect from dedicated disk backup, and some you can only get from HP. HP StoreOnce Catalyst delivers industry leading backup speeds of up to 100 TB/hr to meet shrinking backup windows, plus Federated Deduplication across the enterprise. StoreOnce Backup systems provide flexible integration for both SAN and virtualized environments.

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