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QUESTECH is all about providing wide-ranging services that help our clients solve their business challenges so that they can speed up their innovation and have more opportunities to improve their performance. These services include helping clients choose the right vendor for their requirements, manage their projects, and streamline their IT structure. And because we create customer-centric partnerships with our clients, they can be sure that our solutions seamlessly integrate with their goals.

The services we provide are the following:

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Business Transformation Assessment

Studies and brings out the primary business drivers for your company. This could be in the form of a business objective or an appraisal of an existing operation to determine how it could be improved. This usually becomes the basis for future projects and programs.

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Requirements Gathering

Documents and defines the business and technical requirements for a specific project. Serves as the bridge that connects business objectives with the development teams.

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Vendor Selection

Define criteria for selecting the right vendor to do the job. In the end, a selection is made based on predefined criteria that is important to customers not just price; thus, improving the chances for success.

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Project Management Office

Provides a third-party team that will coordinate, centralize and oversee the project deliverables to senior management. Ensures that the news senior management gets is the actual news and status of the project. The team will be staffed with veteran Program and Development managers who know how projects are run.

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Development of an IT Strategic Plan Aligned to Business

An IT Strategic Plan is a critical tool of any of any organization wanting to run IT like a business by overcoming many challenges, including: perfecting IT business alignment, enhancing IT governance, increasing the return on value of IT, and prioritizing the IT environment.

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Benchmarking IT

Ability to improve an IT organization through establishing and maintaining a performance baseline can yield significant business results, including:
Cost savings
Cost spending efficiency
Identifying and overcoming IT weaknesses
Making industry specific comparisons to remain competitive

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Business Innovation through Technology

QUESTECH consultants have had years of experience working in the development of the product innovations that create value for the company and its shareholders. The business plan associated with these innovations becomes the blueprint by which the company can execute these new products and services.

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Development of Requests for Proposal

A new problem arose for organizations with the advent of new and varied technologies, that is, having many options in determining the right-fit solutions that will address their IT- based problems. Our consultants provide an objective best-practice approach to assess the problems of the organizations and develop the Request for Proposal.

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