Who We Are

Knowing whether a company can deliver the solutions you need depends on two things: its capabilities and its corporate culture.

QUESTECH combines strong know-how with a genuine desire to help their clients to create business solutions that are truly effective, efficient and that give them an edge in whatever industry they belong. And how we do it can be summed up in the following: we help our clients overcome their business challenges, speed up their business innovation and create opportunities for them to improve their performance.

But that’s not all. Here are more qualities that make QUESTECH a reliable and effective solutions provider:

Experienced and Reliable HP Enterprise Business Solutions Provider and Partner

Over the years, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable HP Enterprise Business Solutions provider and partner. We make this possible through our strong depth and breadth of capabilities across the enterprise solution portfolio, which helps our customers solve their most complex business problems.

Customer-Centric Partnerships

Before taking on any project, we make sure that we clearly understand our client’s goals. This enables us to seamlessly integrate a solution to help meet those goals.

We also help solve our clients’ industry specific or shared enterprise problems by using emerging technologies or established software from the world’s trusted brands. Our desire to build customer-centric partnerships and our use of various technologies and software enable our clients to achieve high performance in record time.

It All Begins with the People

Of course we wouldn’t be who we are today without our team of highly motivated and deeply skilled professionals. They share our commitment to high performance, making it possible for QUESTECH to deliver an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge in technology, and build more rewarding and meaningful relationships with our clients and partners.

All these qualities help us create solutions that enable our customers to transform their business as quickly as possible. So if you want to take your business to the next level—fast, let QUESTECH help you get there. Contact us today to find out more about our business enterprise solutions.

Our Focus

Our focus is on building a profitable and sustainable business, based on a strong financial foundation, innovation, speed to market, customer intimacy and value-added partnership with all key stakeholders.

Commitment and Vision

To be the leading and respected HP Business Partner by providing total solution and on-time quality services through a highly competent professional team.

Core Values

At the heart of QUESTECH is a set of values that enable us to deliver top-notch solutions and services all the time. These values are:

  • Professional Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Quality Work
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork

Corporate Objectives

Our organization’s corporate objectives guide us in conducting business as we move assertively towards establishing it as the leading and valued business partner of HP.
Market Leadership
We aim to be the number one systems integrator by providing relevant and responsive products, services and solutions to the markets that we serve. We strive to increase development into areas that build on our partners’ technologies, competencies and customer well-being.
Employee Commitment
It is our commitment to provide our people with advancement opportunities based on performance, create for them a safe but exciting work environment that values their diversity and recognizes individual contributions, and help our team gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work.
Customer Loyalty
We want QUESTECH to be synonymous with quality and competence, provide high-quality products, services and solutions, and deliver more value to our customers and earn their respect and loyalty.
We also strive hard to attain satisfactory operating performance to support company growth, generate value for shareholders, and make available the resources we need to achieve corporate growth.
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