About Us

QUESTECH CO., INC. is a Systems Integrator in the Philippines, with over a decade of expertise in providing effective and reliable IT business solutions to the country’s rapidly growing IT sector.

We have proven to be a reliable HP Enterprise Business Solutions provider and we continue to build strong relationships with well-known brands such as Dell, Oracle, Nutanix, and other Technology Solutions.

QUESTECH CO., INC. is more than just an IT business solutions provider; we are your Technology Partner: In Business Transformation and Innovation.

Who We Are

We are a team of reliable and dedicated experts who provide technology solutions to help clients in various industries overcome business challenges and accelerate innovation.

Our Focus

Our focus is on building a profitable and sustainable business, based on a strong financial foundation, innovation, speed to market, customer intimacy and value-added partnership with all key stakeholders.


To be the leading and most respected systems integrator, aiming to provide total solutions and on-time quality services through a highly competent professional team.

Core Values

  • Belief in One God
  • Integrity
  • Personal Commitment to Excellence
  • Client First Policy
  • Leadership Through Innovation
  • One Team, One Company


We aim to be the leading Systems Integrator in the markets that we serve in the Philippines. We strive to be synonymous with quality and competence by providing high-quality products, services and solutions, and delivering more value to our customers in order to gain their trust and loyalty to make QUESTECH their Technology Partner: In Business Transformation and Innovation.

The People

QUESTECH CO., INC. is known for its People; we have exceptional talents in Technical, Product Management, Sales and Marketing, and an experienced Management Team. All of this enables QUESTECH CO., INC. to provide quality services to our clients and partners.

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