Qmustahan is an abbreviation for QUESTECH’s Kamustahan, a monthly virtual team check-in activity. This all started during the pandemic, when we wanted to stay connected during the difficult times. It is a monthly event held on the first Monday of each month at 9:00 A.M.

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QUESTECH Knowledge Day

With the help and support of our valued partners, the QUESTECH team is dedicated to providing effective and reliable IT business solutions to the country’s rapidly growing IT sector. Every Friday, we hold a Knowledge Day or Partner Enablement session for our Sales, Product, and Technical teams. This enables QUESTECH to provide an unrivaled level of experience and knowledge in technology, as well as to build more rewarding and meaningful relationships with our clients and partners.

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Modernizing IT Infrastructure with NetApp

Data Centers support nearly all enterprise computation, data storage, network, and business applications. To the extent that a modern enterprise’s business is run on computers, data centers are critical to the continuity of daily operations.

Last March 2022, QUESTECH and VST ECS – NETAPP hosted a deep dive discussion on the Importance of Data Centers in every business and the impact they can have if properly managed.

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The Future of Enterprise Grade Technology

QUESTECH, in collaboration with VST ECS Phils. Inc. is committed to making continuous improvements in System Integration and Network Infrastructure.

During this online event, held in July 2022, attendees learned the benefits and features of SUSE and MICRO FOCUS products.

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