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Questech Co Inc and Sardina Systems: The ASEAN Partnership

New Partnership in the Philippines to Deliver Next-Generation Cloud Services

Sardina Systems continues to strengthen its presence in the ASEAN market.

The ASEAN cloud market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by factors such as digitalization, robust fiber connectivity, and the adoption of technologies like AI. According to the report by, the Philippines data center market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.58% from 2023-2029, reaching a value of $1.61 billion by 2029.

Sardina Systems and QUESTECH alliance promises to deliver unmatched value to businesses in the Philippines, offering them an innovative solution to meet their evolving cloud infrastructure needs.

QUESTECH CO. INC. boasts a track record of delivering effective and reliable IT solutions with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Their clientele includes leading companies in manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and government agencies. Now, QUESTECH will offer Sardina Systems’ services and FishOS, our cutting-edge OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure solution, to the flourishing Philippines cloud market.

FishOS by Sardina Systems is an innovative cloud management tool that provides a smart, efficient, super-scalable OpenStack cloud, Kubernetes orchestration platform, and Ceph storage solution. Sardina’s technology enables companies and non-profit organizations to maximize the utility of their resources with zero-downtime operations. FishOS boasts unified licensing, transparent pricing without hidden costs, and unlimited technical support.

“The Philippines market is one of the most promising in the ASEAN region for cloud services adoption and a strategic focus area for Sardina Systems. Our collaboration with QUESTECH aims to introduce FishOS as a powerful and innovative solution for both traditional enterprise workloads and next-generation applications.”

Anthony Lichauco, Country Sales Manager at Sardina Systems.

With the exceptional capabilities and functionalities of Sardina Systems, our QUESTECH Team will be able to address the clients’ innovation in their IT infrastructure. Furthermore, Questech will be even more capable of providing its valued clients with the most suitable and stable software-defined storage solutions from Sardina Systems, benefiting them with seamless, secure manageability and excellent performance.”

Joseph Rullan, Head of Sales Management Group at QUESTECH CO. INC.

What benefits does the collaboration between Sardina Systems and QUESTECH bring to customers?

  • Optimized resource utilization: Sardina Systems’ technology includes unique power-saving features, allowing clients to optimize power consumption and reduce energy costs, potentially resulting in up to 60% resource utilization savings.
  • Reduction in workload: Sardina Systems’ automated solution streamlines operations, reducing the workload of customers’ technical teams.
  • Unlimited technical support: FishOS users have access to assistance whenever needed without incurring additional support costs.
  • Tailored pricing: The collaboration brings the advantage of customized pricing tailored for the Philippines market, aligning with local dynamics for affordability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Revolutionary Integrated Solution: Hardware and software in one package streamlines cloud operations, and eliminates the need for multiple vendor relationships – boosting overall cloud efficiency.
  • Exclusive offer for VMware users: Experience a seamless migration from VMware to FishOS for just 1 EUR. This limited offer encompasses pre-sales consultations, in-depth workload assessments, fixed license terms, and a “white-glove” onboarding program.

For additional details regarding FishOS, Sardina Systems’ support, and the advantages of partnership opportunities, feel free to contact us.

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